I’m going to keep it real, real short here because I know you don’t want to read about accolades, achievements and things of which you don’t really care. 

I've been photographing weddings for 19 years. 

Suffice it to say that I want to make good pictures for your wedding day as your Tampa Wedding Photographer!

I believe there is a story in every photo. I’m not interested in documenting the minute-to-minute details of an event (á la Pinterest catalog). My job is to capture images that tell a much bigger story and make you remember how you felt, bringing you back to that exact moment.

Working with couples who see our time together as an opportunity to create art completely inspires me. 

I want to document the moment. Preserve the beautiful. Capture the spirit.

It’s all very lofty. Just like it should be.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in what I love to do. Give me a call and let's shoot the best wedding images you ever saw... (and make your friends jealous! LOL!). 

Master of Photography
(IEFC School of Photography 1999)


Aiming to be the best wedding photographer serving all of Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Florida.



I will…

  • Show up on time, preferably early.
  • Be excited about shooting your wedding and have a BUNCH of fun doing it!!!
  • Sweat an embarrassingly large amount – hey, these photos don’t take themselves!
  • Roll with the punches. Nothing has ever shocked me or made me flip out at work. Weddings are completely unpredictable and I’m OK with whatever happens at yours…  whether it was planned or not.
  • Capture beautiful, elegant and fun photographs!


I won’t…

  • Get annoyed at Aunt Patty for telling me to make sure I take a certain picture. I know she’s not trying to tell me how to do my job and that she means well.
  • Sit down and eat for an hour during dinner.
  • Freak out if it starts raining.
  • Spend a bunch of time telling you how to put your hand on your chin correctly! (LOL)


You should…

  • Be completely uninhibited with your love for each other. I know it’s weird having a huge camera and lens fixated on you all day long, but I can’t make images of you gazing romantically into each other’s eyes or you wiping a tear during your last dance with dad unless you let your true emotions show. Do that and I won’t miss it.
  • Sit back, enjoy your day, don’t pay attention to me, and you’ll be thrilled with your wedding images.
  • My aim is to photograph people full of love, spunk, and passion on the best day of their lives, and do a damn good job at it.
  • I’ve been featured in a number of press outlets and published internationally a few times, but my most important honor is seeing my images hanging on the walls of my couples’ homes.