Q: What makes you different?
A: First of all, my close friends and family may have a very different answer to this question... (LOL). 
But when it comes to photographing weddings: in 1998 I started second-shooting for Stuart Harper, a truly legendary British photojournalist who became my mentor, friend and one of the strongest influences in my life. His technical mastery of everything photography was (and still is today) an incredible source of knowledge and understanding when capturing raw emotions and reactions in people, connecting with their story. I became a sort of sponge for feelings and emotions when scanning for that frame to freeze in time. It’s this training and passion that developed my candid, fly-on-the-wall approach to photograph your story.


Q: When should we book?
A: As soon as possible. Some dates are booked more than a year in advance.


Q: What is required to book my date?
A: A signed contract along with a 50% retainer is required to secure your date (unless another special arrangement is made). The remainder is due two weeks prior to the wedding date.


Q: We are ready to book! What is the booking process?
A: We try to make it as simple as possible! Once you let us know what you decide to include in your package, we will send you a link to an online contract. You can review it, sign it, and pay the retainer online with any major credit card or PayPal. A copy of the contract will be automatically sent to you for your records.


Q: How can I make sure I look good in my photos?
A: Relax and trust me. If you are relaxed, it'll come through in your photos.
Leave some breathing room in your schedule so you don't feel rushed –I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes for family and wedding party photos. 
Vital: get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water the night before. Take it easy at the rehearsal dinner. Wedding-day hangovers are not fun.


Q: What is your style?
A: As a wedding photojournalist, I like to capture all of the events and moments as they unfold naturally. I have a respectful distaste (if that makes sense) for staged, traditional and constipated wedding photography, and will not have you stop and look at the camera while you are getting your dress on, or while you are cutting the cake, or during your first dance, etc. Similarly, we will not ask your guests to stop and look at the camera while they are dancing or socializing, or at any other point during the wedding. We strongly believe in allowing you and all of your guests to enjoy the wedding day to its fullest with us being as unobtrusive as possible. I have too much fun making spontaneous elegant images that tell your story. I do photograph the formals, typically after the ceremony, but I keep them upbeat, quick and as casual as possible. Wedding photojournalism requires the photographer not to be in control – and that’s what I love!: When things are out of my hands,  I’m in my element.

Every one of my photographers is trained “from zero” by me, with my style and way of doing things. 


Q: How long will it be until we see the pictures?
A: Your images will be processed and uploaded within 1 week after the wedding. You will receive a link to access the online gallery through our system and a password to access it. You will be able to download the high resolution images without watermarks at the same time. 

Also, we have a wireless system that allows us to send the images to our iPhones, so we will more than likely send you a few previous of our favorite shots before we leave the wedding, so you can post or share them with friends and family. How about that?!! :)


Q: Do you include the high-resolution digital files for us in your packages? 
A: Yes, we do! All of our packages include the digital files of the images that make our final selection and appear in your online gallery. A print authorization accompanies those files, allowing you to make prints on your own. 


Q: Can our guests take photos with their cameras?
Absolutely! Your guests can take photos with their cameras all day long, with the exception of the time set aside for the couple’s portraits, as it can be distracting for them. That is simply to limit distractions during often limited time periods when we need to have your full attention and not feel “on stage”.


Q: How many images will we receive?
That is a very difficult question to answer as it varies widely from wedding to wedding. It is highly dependent on the number of hours of coverage, weather, location and the amount of "action" there is to photograph throughout the day. However, having said that, we tend to deliver between 600 - 1200 images from a wedding. 


Q: Do I need engagement photos?
A: An engagement session gives us a chance to grow our relationship, break the ice, and get some good hang-out time in. It’s a great way to get a feel for the camera so you’re entirely comfortable by the time the big day rolls around. We always recommend one, but the choice is entirely yours.


Q: Do you offer a second (or third) shooter?
A: Yes. You always have the option to additional shooters to your package. This will be a professional and experienced photographer, as opposed to an assistant. With two photographers, you’re simply able to get twice (and a more complete) the coverage, such as bridal prep and groom’s prep separately, your reaction and his during the First Look, details of the reception before any guests arrive, etc. More importantly, should any unexpected issue arise*, at least one photographer will always be covering the action.

* (For example, recently one of our bride and grooms driving a antique classic car from the church to the reception had a mechanical breakdown on the way causing quite a delay. Our second photographer, who was following them, gave the couple his car to continue their tript, while he stayed waiting for the tow truck and then Übered to the reception. I kept the guests busy, photographing multiple family photos and groupings and the delay was not noticed.)


Q: Are the final images edited?
Every single one! We give every photo a clean ready for print edit. We will choose the best of the best from your photos and perform subtle editing so your photos all have the most beautiful feel to them. Extensive/additional requested edits are complementary upon print order. 

*An important note on the matter: Although without sacrificing style and personality of the couple, I believe there must be a timeless component to wedding photography. These are images that your grand children and later generations will look at for years to come. What is trendy in Pinterest today, with tilted angles, desaturated pale hues or Instagram-looking filters, chances are will not be appreciated as such in the future.


Q: So most of this wedding stuff is centered around the bride, which I’m totally fine with, but what about my Groom? Should he have a photographer present for his preparation time?
A: Every groom is different. Some guys would rather not have a camera around them while they enjoy several cocktails out of sight of the priest, while other guys would really love to have the camaraderie of their crew captured. That being said, the groom typically starts to get ready about 45 minutes before he has to walk out the door. The second photographer will spend an hour with the groom. 


Q: Do you archive/backup images?
A: We take the responsibility of preserving your memories very seriously. By the time we leave the wedding, we will have a full backup of your images saved onto a portable drive (we have a small self-running unit that copies all the files from our memory cards), in addition to the memory cards from the cameras. Once we reach the studio, a copy of the entire wedding is immediately uploaded to the cloud for storage while the event is processed. 


Q: What about albums? With everything being digital these days, why do I need one? 
A: We truly believe that there is more power in the printed photograph than simply viewing on a screen. You will relive your wedding day through viewing your album more than you will ever have via the digital proofs. There’s something special, almost romantically nostalgic about holding that book, flipping each page and seeing several photographs laid out together to tell the story of your wedding day and flooding the moment with those powerful emotions you experienced on that day. Not to mention, digital media typically has a lifespan of about 3-5 years and we understand it’s hard to keep up with those changes. It wasn’t long ago we were burning files to CD, then DVD, and now computers don’t come with a CD/DVD drive any longer. The book ordering process is quite simple, we walk you through the image selection and take care of all the design, you proof it and we print it. All that being said, if an album isn’t included in your package or simply isn’t in your budget, you’re under no obligation to purchase one.  We do believe it’s a purchase you won’t regret though. :)


Q: Do you offer video as well? 
A: We focus and specialize in still photography, but we’re happy to recommend some great videographers for your wedding! 


Q: Do you charge for traveling to weddings?
A: We don’t charge for travel within our home area, which is considered to be from Naples, north to Tampa and east to Lakeland, FL.
However, we are available for travel anywhere in Florida and worldwide. We have shot destination weddings all over the US, as well as Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. Give us a call or send us an email with your specific needs and we will provide you with the exact information and rates for a destination wedding. 


Q: How will you be dressed? 
A: The team always wears slacks (preferably black) and a black polo or button-down shirt with black shoes. However, I wear matching gold hot pants, cowboy hat and roller blades (only kidding) :)


Q: Do you shoot more than one wedding in a day?
A: Only if you’re getting married more than once. :)


Q: What if our wedding is behind schedule and we need you to stay later than we agreed upon?
A: That won’t be a problem (and believe me, this is a very common circumstance).  If coverage needs to be extended by 30 minutes, there will be no additional charge. If our coverage needs to be extended past that, then our hourly rate applies. An invoice will be sent afterwards via email.


Q: What’s a typical wedding timeline?
A: Wedding timelines can make the day go by with a lot less stress for you and your vendors and can make things run smoothly.. (Personally, I like the “uncontrolled” aspect of the day, but that’s because I’m looking for the unexpected). I recommend that a copy of the timeline be emailed to us in advanced, even if it’s tentative. Below is an example of one. This is not a suggestion of how it should be, as every wedding has its own rhythm and time brackets considering distances/travel time, preparation, type of party, etc.:

  8:00 AM Hair and makeup appointment begin
  9:00 AM Food and drinks delivered to the bride's room

10:00 AM Wedding dress steam and prep
10:00 AM Photographer arrives for getting-ready photos
11:15 AM Bridesmaids finished getting ready
11:45 AM Bride puts on dress
12:00 PM Bride/father first look
12:15 PM Transportation to ceremony venue (if applicable)

[If first look is planned between bride and groom]
  1:00 PM First look

  1:15 PM Family photos (formal portraits)
  1:45 PM Guests arrive at the ceremony

  2:00 PM Ceremony begins
  2:45 PM Ceremony ends
  3:10 PM Transportation for guests to reception venue
  3:20 PM Couple photos at the ceremony location
  3:50 PM Couple transportation to reception venue
  4:00 PM Cocktail hour begins
  5:00 PM Reception begins

  5:20 PM Couple introduction and first dance
  5:45 PM Father of the bride speech
  6:00 PM Dinner first course served
  6:30 PM Best man and maid of honor speeches
  7:20 PM Dinner second course served
  7:50 PM Dances with parents
  8:15 PM Dancing begins
  8:40 PM Dessert course served
  9:30 PM Cake cutting
  9:45 PM Open dance floor
11:30 PM Reception ends


Q: Do you offer any discounts for off days/times/seasons?
A: No. We accept a limited number of commissions per year and work just as hard at a Wednesday morning wedding in the winter as we do at a Saturday evening wedding in the spring.


Q: Can I purchase more time without upgrading packages?
A: Yes, you can add more time to your package on an hourly basis.

Q: What is a “first look”? Should we do one?
A: First looks give the both of you a chance to calm butterflies before the ceremony and it’s a stellar photo opportunity. Straying from traditional beliefs, this “first look “allows the two of your to share time together before the big moment. Who doesn’t love a secret rendezvous?


Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Yes, we have coverage through Zurich Insurance, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. A coverage certificate can be provided should your venue require it.


Q: Do you shoot digital or film? What type of equipment do you use?
A: I am a digital shooter but my photo roots are in film photography – even hand processing in the darkroom! 
Having shot film for many years since the beginning of my photography days, I switched to 100% digital capture in 2002 (everybody thought it was insane to do that so early in the digital game). My 2nd and 3rd shooters use Canon and Nikon SLRs with a variety of professional-grade lenses.

I myself prefer the latest Fuji digital mirrorless rangefinder cameras and fast prime lenses. Though the years I have used almost every piece of gear in the industry, from my original Fuji S1Pro (God, that thing was so unpredictable!) to most professional-grade Canon and Nikon bodies and lenses. However, when photographing a wedding, nothing feels better to me than a quiet, fast and light camera with “organic” controls that allow me to do everything by hand. The only aspect I allow the camera to take over, to some extent, is auto focus. The results are truly beautiful.

Q: Do you bring back-up equipment?
A: Absolutely! We use the latest professional-grade equipment and of course always, have extensive backup equipment with us.